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The Finest Toppings For Pizza

    The Finest Toppings For Pizza

    Those who want their pizza plain have our respect. Honestly, we do. Pizza, however, is the ideal vehicle for those of us who like dousing our slices with a savoury sauce. We’ve produced a list of the greatest dipping sauces, whether you’re digging into a New York-style cheese pizza or a Chicago-style square-cut pepperoni slice. Use these six toppings to take your pizza to the next level of smooth, crunchy, and creamy deliciousness.

    Mmmm, honey, it’s hot.

    We are here to proclaim that hot honey on pizza is the greatest sleep aid ever invented. Honey’s critics would be dead wrong if they thought it didn’t belong. The sweet and spicy combination goes well with a fatty, salty, cheesy pizza, adding a lovely tanginess and bite to your slice. Use a meaty pizza for extra credit. Meats like pepperoni, soppressata, meatballs, sausage, and more benefit greatly from this sauce’s sweet-heat. Want to increase the heat? If you want things very spicy, choose honey with a high heat content. Fear the flames? What about a traditional honey instead?


    It’s a mystery how ranch dressing and pizza got together, but it’s a match made in heaven that we’re happy happened. Pairing tangy, creamy, herbaceous delight with saucy, cheesy pizza perfection, this couple has given us marital pizza joy time and time again. We believe ranch can make its way into pizza in any form, whether it be a $1 slice at a college cafeteria or a luxury handcrafted Neapolitan pie. Desire to create your own? Make this fancy ranch dressing by stocking up on fresh garlic, sour cream, lemon juice, black pepper, and parmesan.


    As an ingredient common to marinara sauces and as a delicious topping when freshly grated or roasted, garlic is a no-brainer on pizza. However, have you ever tried garlic butter on a pizza? If you add garlic and butter to leftover pizza crust, you have yourself garlic bread or breadsticks fit for dipping. Add some butter (our favourite is Kate’s) and some garlic, either raw or roasted, and you have yourself a delicious dipping sauce. If you’re in a need, you may simply use garlic powder to create this sauce. It’s hard to imagine a more delicious condiment for dipping.


    When it comes to pizza, a little heat goes a long way, and it’s even better when paired with sweet and garlicky toppings. Here comes sriracha. Sun-ripened chilli peppers and garlic combine to create a wonderful sauce that packs a tangy, sweet punch and a gentle heat that just about everybody can take. You may top your pizza with everything from vegetables to chicken to hickory-smoked bacon, and Sriracha will give it the kick you didn’t realise it needed.


    Add your preferred amount of hot sauce to your pizza if you find that sriracha isn’t spicy enough for your tastes. Take the heat to the extreme and add some spicy sauce to your pizza, just like you would with chicken wings. Pepperoni pizza, Italian sausage, and cheese slices all benefit from a good slathering of spicy sauce. Use a fiery sauce like habanero, black garlic, Carolina reaper, or West Indian curry to give your pizza some more kick.


    Any night can be pizza night when you top it with barbecue sauce, a sweet and tangy condiment. Dipping a pizza in BBQ sauce is an easy way to add a smokey, umami-rich taste to every mouthful. Contrary to popular belief, BBQ sauce is delicious when combined with grilled toppings, such as sweet BBQ chicken pizza, or with contrasting sweet and savoury flavours, such as pineapple and ham. In addition to its many uses, barbecue sauce comes in a wide variety of flavours and textures, from sweet to savoury to spicy to downright bizarre. If you’re interested in making your own barbecue sauce, here’s a great recipe we like to use.


    Since we’ve seen lists that include mayonnaise and ketchup, we feel obligated to clarify that these are NOT suggested toppings for pizza or dipping sauces for pizza. Mayo is a popular topping at Japanese Domino’s Pizza. If your youngster will only eat french bread pizza smothered in ketchup, that’s OK. But in general, this is not acceptable, you guys!!! Instead of ordering takeout, make your own pizza with plenty of vegetables, or order a pizza from Papa John’s, and then dip it in one of the other great pizza dips listed above. Chipotle olive oil, pesto, blue cheese, and tomato sauce laden with oregano also deserve recognition for their place on pizza.

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