10 Cats That Really Like Water

Maine Coon

New England ship cats were Maine Coons, according to Cat Time. Their thick, water-repellent coats help them survive deep seas or baths.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats survived and evolved in Scandinavian winters due to their thick fur. It keeps them warm today, so they don't mind rain or cold.

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cats are hairless, which Pet Central says causes oily skin and requires bathing. These creatures are more likely to like water from a young age due to early exposure.

Turkish Angora Cat

According to Vet Street, Turkish Angoras are agile, animated, and water-loving. They run to water and play.

Japanese Bobtail

 Japanese Bobtails are popular in Japanese culture. Their affectionate nature and love of water may explain this.


British Manx cats are island-born. Petful says their geography makes them love swimming and water.

Turkish Van

Turkish Vans are called "the swimming cat" for a reason. They love splashing in puddles and pools because their body shape makes them good swimmers.

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