20 Worst Foods for 40-Plus Men


Men should avoid buffalo chicken wings. Before adding ranch or blue cheese for dipping, a six-count of these game-day favorites can reach 550 calories. 25% of the average man's daily calories! Due to their skin, buffalo wings and drumettes are high-fat proteins. "Adding a creamy dressing creates a perfect storm for inflammation and weight gain."

Rich sauces

"Creamy dressings like ranch and blue cheese [dressing], often favorites for men to pair with wings, creamy sauces like Alfredo, creamy spreads like mayonnaise, and the like, are typically high in saturated fat and low in nutrients." Saturated fat can raise bad cholesterol and add calories, causing weight gain.

Deep-dish pizza

pizza is easy to overeat and takes a lot to fill most people. It has less protein per calorie. Deep-dish pizza has even more carbs and calories."

High-fat proteins

pork belly on the grill, and wings with the boys. "But these high-fat meats contain lots of saturated fat, which can raise bad LDL and total cholesterol over time." Additionally, many of these foods are high in calories and may make it harder for men to maintain their weight if eaten regularly."

Ice cream

Thomason advises against unwinding with ice cream. Most brands of ice cream serve a half-cup, which is shockingly small if you haven't been measuring. Ice cream is fine occasionally. However, overconsumption every night can have a major health impact."


Cake, like ice cream, has shockingly high calories for the recommended portion size. Thomason advises against frequent cake consumption. Decrease your portion size or frequency of cake for dessert. "Reserving cake for special occasions may give it a special meaning without the health risks."

Low-fiber processed grains

Fiber supports gut and heart health. Prebiotic fiber from whole grains feeds gut bacteria. Fiber lowers total and bad LDL cholesterol. The Dietary Guidelines recommend 25–38 grams of fiber per day, but men should aim for 30–35 grams. As men age, most Americans don't get enough fiber.

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