5 Harsh Truths About Loving A Cancer

Don't criticise her or her friends. She can rant about her family, but you can't. She remembers every insult.

Cancer Woman Dating

Cancer women value family, so connect with them. Talk to her mother and father. Respect her siblings. Cancers can be stubborn and slow to change their heart.

Loving Cancer Women

5 Cancer Woman Dating Tips

Imagine getting a hot date with that guy you've been eyeing for a while, only to spend the entire time psychoanalysing everything he says (sometimes without hearing a word).

Cancer overthinks everything.

Even though it's true, Cancer will admit they hate being seen as emotional. They use silence too often.

2. This sign is moody.

Cancer is powerful when enraged. You always lose arguments. Whether you're right or wrong, how you handle Cancer determines whether you'll sleep on the couch tonight.

3. Cancer is intractable.

of course. Cancers know family comes first, so dating them is like adopting them. You must love their family or you'll fail.

4. They adore family.

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