5 Stylist and Doctor Secrets for Thicker Hair Over 50

Ageing hair is the most frustrating beauty dilemma. No matter how much time, money, or effort you put into maintaining your hair, it seems to get thinner every day. 

While thinning is normal, you don't have to live with limp locks. Hairstylists and dermatologists discuss how to maintain thickness after 50.

Determine the cause of hair thinning.

Stress, hormonal changes, medication, vitamin deficiencies, chemical hair services, colour processing, overexposure to hot tools, tension, and overprocessed colour amenities can cause thinning hair "To pinpoint the cause of hair loss over 50, consult your hairstylist and doctor. It's usually internal or external.

Invest in a thickening product.

If needed, doctors can prescribe products. Plotkin lists dutasteride, minoxidil, tretinoin, spironolactone, and ketoconazole. Your doctor will advise you on the best treatment for hair loss.

Choose a thickening shampoo.

Mild shampoo should not strip scalp oils. To strengthen strands, choose products with collagen and keratin." A volumizing or thickening formula can also lift hair.

Boost your diet.

Diet is crucial for hair health now. Eggs contain protein and biotin, which are necessary for hair growth. These nutrients can cause hair loss." Berries, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, are also recommended.

Elevate your haircare routine.

Upgrade your haircare routine to maintain thick hair in your 60s. For split ends and breakaways, Cheruki recommends trims every six to eight weeks. Scalp massages boost circulation and hair growth.

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