6 Style Expert Tips for Wearing Skirts Over 65

Skirts are versatile and can be worn with or without tights. Skirts are especially difficult to fit as we get older. Thankfully, fashion experts say there are some key tips for wearing skirts over 65.

"Skirts add femininity... They're flirty or chic "Fashion expert and Faverie CMO Ai Hiura tells Best Life. Experimentation may be needed. See what Hiura and other style experts suggest for styling a skirt later in life.

Consider your body type.

Skirts suit different body types, so consider your size and shape. According to Dancing Leopard's brand marketing manager, midi skirts fit petite women better than maxi skirts. "Likewise, if you're tall, a maxi may fit you better than a midi."

Try tucking your shirt in.

"You could pair it with a t-shirt, buttoned cardigan, or blouse—depending on how casual or smart you're going, adding that tucking your shirt in will probably flatter your proportions."

Choose the right shoes.

Smith says the wrong shoes can ruin any outfit. "Choose comfortable, skirt-compatible shoes. If you're over 65, don't wear high heels."

Try a slip skirt.

Brown recommends a slip skirt if you're unsure of your skirt style. These skirts are trendy right now, so your favourite store should have them.

Colors and patterns are your friends.

You may think "slimming" shades like navy and black are necessary as you age. Experts disagree. says there are "no hard and fast rules" for skirt colours and patterns. You'll have to try different styles.

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