9 Worst Foods for High Blood Sugar

honey or agave

If they're watching their blood glucose levels, some people may choose honey or agave syrup instead of white or brown sugar. These natural sugars can still raise blood sugar.

2. Fried Foods

Eating deep-fried foods can raise blood sugar. Because of the oil used to fry it, this food is high in trans fat. According to Foods, trans fats can cause insulin resistance and high blood sugar.

3. White potatoes

This food has a high glycemic index and can raise blood sugar faster than foods with a lower glycemic index, but researchers say it depends on how it's prepared. According to Nutrients, mashed or fried potatoes affect blood sugar more than baked or boiled potatoes.

4. Foods high in trans fat

According to the Scandinavian Journal of Food and Nutrition, trans fats can increase insulin resistance if you have type 2 diabetes. Insulin is a key hormone that regulates blood sugar.

5. Fruit-flavored yogurts

Both Greek and Icelandic yoghurt have more protein than regular yoghurt, balancing blood sugar. To dress up your yoghurt, add fresh fruit or seeds for fibre. fibre may help stabilise blood sugar. 

6. Pre-made smoothie

Smoothie bowls are smoothies with fruit, nuts, or granola on top. Acai, a deep purple fruit, is the most popular smoothie bowl. Premade bowls are tasty and nutritious, but fresh ones are better.

7. Processed carbs

Foods high on the glycemic index raise blood sugar faster. This includes white bread, white rice, potatoes, soda, and potato chips and pretzels.

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