before loving any aries know Brutal Truths

Fire signs should expect this. After much introspection, I've realised that "fiery" is both a compliment and an insult. (The former.)

1. We're fiery.

I'll repeat this for clarity: Aries women need people who can stroke our egos (a lot) and keep us humble.

2. Our egos.

We'll try most things. However, if we don't like it or aren't good at it, we won't do it again.

3. We're adventurous.

If you're not engaging, keeping up, having great sex, or having an interesting conversation, move on! We're polite (mostly), but we'll move on if you can't keep our attention.

4. We get bored easily.

We're not into details. We consider projects, ideas, and objectives and how to achieve them. Minor details bore us. Since we value accountability, we'll probably take care of them, but reluctantly.

5. We're visionaries.

At getting what we want, when we want, and how. Move over. Don't compete with us—you'll lose.

6. We're aggressive.

We love passionately and fall quickly. We love. You'll feel our love for you in your soul.

7. We love hard.

We love everything—travel, literature, theatre, interesting people, the world, you. We want to jump into everything.

8. We're excited about life.

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