Can Dogs Eat These 9 Holiday Foods?

1.) Turkey

When it comes to the turkey, some components can be hazardous while others are not.

1.) Turkey

For example, basic, white turkey meat on its own shouldn't be harmful, but well-seasoned, skin-on, or bone-in meat can be harmful.

2.) Ham

Similar to turkey, simple ham is probably okay, but it can be harmful if a bone or a piece that has been strongly spiced is consumed. Additionally, it is one of the fattier meats, which is bad for dogs.

3.) Red Meat

Another common holiday dish is red meat, such as steak and brisket, which, like other meats, can be problematic for dogs to eat due to the spice, fattiness, and bones.

4.) Cheese

This Christmas season, cheese may be the centrepiece of your charcuterie board, but it certainly shouldn't be the star of your dog's meal.

5.) Green beans

Green beans without seasoning are secure and even beneficial for canines. Just be careful not to use too much salt or seasoning.

6.) Potatoes

Baked or boiled potatoes should be OK in moderation. Although it shouldn't be a major concern, Crow says, "We don't want to add on any superfluous calories if we can help it."

7.) Chocolate

The majority of owners are aware that chocolate is unhealthy for dogs, but they may not be aware of the quantity or type that can be harmful.

8.) Baked Goods

All desserts, including baked goods like Christmas cookies, pies, and cakes, should be kept away from dogs since they frequently include a number of potentially hazardous chemicals.

9.) Dough

This holiday season, be careful to keep yeast doughs out of your dog's reach because they can rise in their systems and result in significant, potentially fatal bloating problems.

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