Zodiac-Specific Halloween Candy

Aries: Red Hots

Why not something spicy for the daring, go-getter first sign of the zodiac? Aries are fiery and quick-tempered, so Red Hots delivers them a rush of cinnamon heat with just the proper amount of sweetness to chill them down.

Taurus: M&M's

Hayes also thinks M&Ms are excellent for Taurus because of its comforting and familiar nature.

Gemini: KitKat Bars

Geminis enjoy sharing, communication, and inquiry. If you want to talk to other like-minded people but can't find the suitable confectionery, Gemini, the answer is simple: Get a KitKat

Cancer: Starburst

Starbursts are the obvious choice. The flavours of this non-chocolate candy explode. They're available in several hues and flavours to please everyone."

Leo: Crunch Bars

"If you're a Leo, give a bold candy. Your best candy is Crunch. This candy bar has been on shelves for decades and has changed, yet it still delivers warmth and familiarity, which Leos love to give to others.

Virgo: Nerds

Virgos shouldn't overlook nerds, even when they're subdued. The ultimate "nerd" is Virgo (in the best way). So it makes sense to put a bag of Nerds in their Halloween bag.

Libra: SweeTARTS

Libras are gentle, open, and engaging. Simple and social are their preferences. They like people and are faithful pals. "SweeTARTS are perfect for Halloween."

Scorpio: Snickers

"Like a Snickers bar, Scorpios are loyal and dependable, but there's always more to them than meets the eye. If you're allergic to nuts, Scorpios might sting like Snickers. They're not fools and will tell you if they like you "Continues Kristen

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