In 2023, these foods will be scarce, so stock up now.

2022 was a bad year for food shortages, with eggs and baby formula hit hard. 2023 may see food shortages. Before prices rise and products become scarce, stock up on these items.

1. Corn

Ukraine used to be one of the world's leading corn producers, but that's all changed since Russia's invasion, which continues. As a result, we'll see less corn. This is a major issue because corn is in so many other American products, including chips, salad dressings, and soda.

2. Bread

A bread, flour, and wheat shortage is likely due to the Ukraine war. Russia and Ukraine produce 20% of the world's cereal grain.

3. Vegetable Oil

Several vegetable oils, including canola oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, and palm oil, are anticipated to be scarce in the coming months. This is due to Indonesia's ban on palm oil exports and global droughts.

4. Baby Formula

The baby formula shortage is expected to last until spring 2023, according to Reckitt Benckiser, the maker of Enfamil. The reason the shortage persists is primarily due to the massive supply shock caused by the problems that caused the initial shortage last year, such as the massive number of recalls and labour shortages.

5. Champagne

If you didn't drink enough champagne on New Year's Eve, 2023 may disappoint. Consumer demand for champagne has skyrocketed. According to Comité Champagne, U.S. sales increased by nearly 64% between 2020 and 2021, and demand continued into 2022. Champagne producers struggle to supply.

6. Canned Pet Food

If ever there was a time to make your own pet food, it's now. Aluminum shortages may make it harder to find canned pet food in the new year.

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