Lucky Chinese Zodiac Signs?

Rat-borns are smart, resourceful, and quick-witted. You may think your luck comes from your scrappiness, but you seem lucky in academics and careers.

The Rat

Oxes are tough and resilient. Be patient—luck will come eventually! Ox-born people are respected for their perseverance, so they don't mind waiting.

The Ox

Because you seek luck, you sometimes mistake your own bad decisions for misfortune. People born on the 16th or 27th in the Year of the Tiger will live a colourful life and gain fame and wealth for their loud lifestyle.

The Tiger

Rabbit-born people are quick, elegant, and arrogant. Your life speed will bring luck early on.

The Rabbit

Dragons, revered like gods, bring good luck. If you are born in the Year of the Dragon, your good luck affects many people because dragons in Chinese mythology can bring rain to struggling villages.

The Dragon

The Snake is easily overlooked in the original myth because of the dragon. However, Snake-born people are clever and complex.

The Snake

Horses are fast like rabbits but lack courage. Despite your hesitations, your speed in pursuing your dreams forces luck to find you with risky decisions.

 The Horse

Unfortunately, goats are the unluckiest zodiac animal. In 2014, Chinese government officials saw a sudden increase in births before 2015 as families rushed to have children before the "dreaded" Year of the goat.

The Goat

The Monkey is mischievous and a prankster. Because you laugh a lot, you bring others and yourself luck.

The Monkey

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