Most To Least Emotional Zodiac Signs


According to some, Pisces are so extremely sensitive that it's nearly hard for them to be emotionally stable.


Cancers are very compassionate and sensitive to the suffering of others.


When a decision they've made turns out to be the wrong one, Libras frequently become even more irate. A bad choice could follow Libra for a very long time.


Geminis have a propensity to overreact. At a party that Gemini is throwing, if someone isn't having fun, they'll think it's their fault.


Detail-orientedness is a major Virgo trait, and highly sensitive people often exhibit it.


Scorpios may not appear to be very sensitive, but commotion and noise have an impact on them. They frequently become quickly overstimulated and overwhelmed by excessive activity around them.


Taurus prefers to keep their emotional side hidden and avoids displaying it. However, there is no denying that they have a very sensitive underbelly.


Less sensitive than they might seem are Leos. When someone is interested in them, they are extremely sensitive to negative feedback and are quickly hurt by it.


Sagittarius is a tough sign. They don't really think about the repercussions of making fun of someone else or disclosing information that will have an impact on someone else's life.

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