The 12 Most Beautiful Libraries in the U.S.

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The Los Angeles Central Library draws many bookworms to the city, which is famous for its film industry. Downtown Los Angeles' Art Deco library stands out among the neighborhood's modern skyscrapers.

1. Los Angeles Central Library

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The Providence Athenaeum, one of the nation's most beautiful libraries, is named after Athena, the goddess of war and reason.member-supported subscription library, which was built in 1836. Booklovers will love the library's interiors and artefacts.

2. Providence Athenaeum

Boston's public library is one of the nation's oldest and most beloved, as befits a historic city. The Boston Public Library is one of the nation's largest, serving over four million patrons annually. Boston's Copley Square library opened in 1895. Bates Hall, one of the library's most striking areas, has a Renaissance-style coffered ceiling and was designed in Beaux-Arts style.

3. Boston Public Library

The Library of Congress, the de facto national library of the United States, is used by Congress and is one of the country's most famous libraries. The 1800-founded library is the oldest federal cultural institution in the US. The late 19th-century Thomas Jefferson Building, its oldest, is its most striking. 

4. Library of Congress

Many libraries boast of their large author collections.,. The mid-20th century Armstrong-Browning Library was built to house the University's growing Browning collection. The library's secular stained glass collection is the world's largest, making it a dream for art lovers as well as bookworms.

5. Armstrong-Browning Library

The Nashville Public Library's downtown building is a historic landmark and a resource for Music City history buffs. The 1901 library building is so beautiful that you might forget you're there to find books.

6. Nashville Public Library

The Hearst Castle's library, one of the most beautiful in the nation, is only fitting. The massive library in William Randolph Hearst's early 20th-century home wasn't just for books. It holds Greek vases and a 16th-century Spanish ceiling.

7. Hearst Castle Library

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