The best soup for your zodiac sign

ARIES  Tortellini soup

Aries rules the head, and tortellini pasta resembles an ugly top hat. This cardinal fire sign is ruled by the planet of conflict, so it wants to be first, best, and right. Thus, Bologna and Modena have long claimed to have invented and perfected this dish. For centuries, elderly Italians threw a half glass of red wine into their soup as a digestif and to cut the fat. Aries are impulsive and improvise.

TAURUS  Potato soup

Taurus has carnal and caloric appetites. According to poet Robert Crawford, potato soup is “so thick you could shake its hand and stroll with it before dinner.” Dignified Taureans dining with their in-laws may choose a Vichyssoise, but every bull craves baked potato soup with three types of dairy, bacon confetti, and senseless scallions. Taco soup follows suit.


Gemini, a mutable air sign, adapts, changes, upends, and contradicts facts. Controversy fuels these language and storytellers. Thus, twins would identify with the hotly contested history of pho, a soup whose essence and origins are as elusive as Gemini energy.

Cancer is most connected to roots, family, and nurturing. Chicken noodle soup is the ultimate "get well soon" gesture. Cancer, ruled by the moon and the most sentimental zodiac sign, inspired the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series.

CANCER Chicken noodle soup

LEO: Tomato soup

Andy Warhol screen-printed the Campbell's Soup can into infamy, demonstrating the gravitational pull of lions and spotlights. The can's colour pays homage to the company's first soup, tomato, which, like a Leo, is hard to miss.

VIRGO  Wonton soup

Virgos rule the stomach and are just as good at nursing, soothsaying, and curing as Cancers, though they are less emotional. In the Tang dynasty, medicinal herbs and plants were folded into wontons for hot, tasty healing.

Italian wedding soup (Libra)

Libra rules the seventh house, which includes marriage. Wedding soup, which may be more Spanish than Italian and was not served at wedding receptions, is named for the harmonious, more stable union of meat, broth, and vegetable.

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