The Most Popular Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Capricorns are goal-oriented and loyal friends and coworkers. Earth signs are well-connected and constantly willing to help others.


Despite their perfectionism and intimidation, Virgos are popular. They can get trapped in their own heads wondering if others are critiquing them, but their unexpected goofiness truly draws people in.


Being the zodiac's biggest flirt and social butterfly, Gemini is also a popular sign. These people effortlessly switch social circles and make friends.


Sagittarius are outgoing and love trying new things. They have that infectious, life-of-the-party exuberance. Their huge personalities make it easy to make friends, and they probably have connections everywhere.


Sun-ruled Leos are self-centered. Fire signs enjoy socialising, despite their reputation for self-centeredness. Leo's joy brings out everyone's inner child.


As a sign that oozes positivity and charm, the oh-so-social Libra is the most popular of the zodiac.

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