The Ideal Best Friend for Every Zodiac Sign


Aries wants an opposite best friend. Libra opposes outspoken, active, and sometimes combative Aries. Both are learning about peace and change. Libra resists change, while Aries needs it. Libra seeks peace and Aries needs it.


Tauruses are prone to temper tantrums and cloudy thinking. This sign needs Virgo to ground it. Taurus loves Virgos for their honesty and practicality. Taurus will always be grateful to Virgo friends.


Geminis are best with their kind. They're exuberant socialites who want friends with the same spirit. To avoid boredom and routine, Geminis like to hang out with Aquarius and other Geminis. Geminis like change because it's exciting. However, don't underestimate Geminis. They are party animals, but they also enjoy intellectual pursuits.


Cancer also makes friends within their sign. Cancers have great emotional radar, so they can tell who they like and who they don't. Cancer and Capricorn have intriguing connections.


Leo and Aquarius are charismatic signs, so they make a powerful pair. Leo and Aquarius are inseparable as friends, even though Leo may find Aquarius annoyingly aloof. They share a great sense of humour and can raise the roof when they work together.


Virgo, a nurturing earth sign, loves helping friends, especially emotionally. Honesty and healing are 10/10 for Virgo. They get along best with Cancer and Taurus. Virgo expects what they give, and these signs usually deliver.


Libras are friendly and easygoing. Libras like friends they can be themselves with. Libras are diplomatic and open-minded, so they can find good in all signs. Libras occasionally want to be pampered for their efforts.


Scorpios want long-term friendships. This sign values their friendships and wants to know them best. Scorpio matches best with passionate friends. Scorpios like Pisces best.

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