The Side Effects of Quitting Alcohol May Encourage Dry January.

It's no secret that consuming alcohol can impair your health, especially if you regularly drink your favourite red or white wine, artisan beer, and Pinterest-worthy cocktails. Staying sober for a while can renew and energise your body. "Dry January" may appeal to you.

After the holiday season, many people choose to abstain from alcohol. 35% of U.S. individuals of legal drinking age participated in Dry January in February 2022, according to CNN Business. In January 2019, 21% of adults abstained from drinking.

It can help your liver health

"For one, it can assist your liver focus on good detox functions instead of alcohol processing." The liver stops conducting its other processes until alcohol is eliminated, which can take a few hours depending on the quantity of servings.

It can help your liver health

In women, the liver will detox alcohol instead of oestrogen, which can lead to oestrogen dominance and other hormonal problems.

It can give your gut a break

Alcohol, especially in high amounts, can potentially damage the gastrointestinal tract by increasing gut inflammation." Accordingly, "Alcohol has been demonstrated to alter gut imbalance, creating gut dysbiosis, bacterial overgrowth, and increased intestinal permeability

It can give your gut a break

which may contribute to gastrointestinal issues like gas, bloating, and greater inflammation." "If your New Year's resolve is to be healthy, then restricting or taking breaks from alcohol may be a place to start,

It can help you if you have a chronic illness

After a month without alcohol, you may desire to continue your sobriety. Some folks may benefit more from that. if someone already has a chronic syndrome or sickness, such as IBS or liver disease, it may be recommended to reduce or discontinue alcohol usage, depending on the individual's sensitivities to alcohol intake."

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