Three zodiac signs that are always brutally honest

However, some signs tend to speak the truth loud and clear. Truth-tellers, bean spillers, word vomitters, and soapbox speakers are three signs. This trinity of truth sacrifices niceties, nuance propriety, and sometimes personal safety for authenticity.

Some people blunt the truth, while others soften it. Brutal honesty is a blessing when it exposes crimes, corruption, government duplicity, and crimes against humanity, but it is off-putting when it is given as an unsolicited opinion on an outfit, haircut, baby name, or other life choice.

If you're blunt, check your sun and Mercury signs. Our communication style is influenced by the latter's sign and birth chart position.


Truth-teller, beard-wearer, and Aries Serpico retribution Astrology's three revenge-seeking zodiac signs


Aries rule the head and mouth and have short tempers and poor impulse control. Thus, they say what they think. This tactless trajectory reminds me of Linda Blair's possessed, green bile vomit stream.


Mercury, the messenger, rules Virgo. Unlike scattershot, the truth is a negotiation Gemini, which also rules Mercury, Virgo is exacting and sometimes absolutely level in their hypercritical communication. 


Virgo has an uncanny ability to see what can and should be improved—character development, bangs, exercise technique, etc.—and a deep need to share that knowledge/opinion with the unsuspecting.


Like Sagittarius writer and activist Noam Chomsky, archers believe they must tell the truth. Honesty compensates for tact.

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