Your Worst Habit, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Interrupting people

"Aries thinks what you're saying is important, but Aries is already four steps ahead of this part of the conversation in their minds and needs you to catch up,"Though you're excited, you should weigh the pros and cons before moving.

Taurus: Spending too much money

Taurus is the most practical and sensible sign. You handle hardships better than anyone else. Retail therapy is your vice. "Taurus love to spend money.

Gemini: Indecisiveness

"Geminis can't turn off their brains, so they overthink and change their minds a million times a minute," Antila says. It's hard to make a decision when you're so social and try to help everyone.

Cancer: Getting in a rut

Cancer, you're easily withdrawn. You appear calm under pressure because you can hide your emotions. When things get too much, you retreat into your shell for days or weeks.

Leo: Running late

Leo, you like the spotlight. You're charming and funny, so people like you. Sometimes with diva behaviour. Despite feeling like the sun revolves around you, you can't keep people waiting while you get ready.

Virgo: Correcting people

Virgo, constructive criticism is your love language. However, your no-nonsense approach to delivering the harsh truth, even when no one asked for it, may offend sensitive people.

Libra, you're a phone addict. You're a scales sign and a social media queen. How else can you update people on your fabulous goings-on? Libras use their phones to express their creativity.

Libra: Always being on the phone

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