Your Zodiac Sign's Perfect Paint Color


Aries is never boring. Their homes must be equally stunning. “Aries houses are modern. It's chic and magazine-worthy. They like texture and dramatic art. Entrepreneurs and individualists like Aries want their mark on the home.


Taurus, a sensual sign, prefers neutrals. Taurus homes have so much going on that neutral walls are needed to tie it all together. "Investment sign." Long-term thinkers and meticulous caretakers. They're sensitive.


Light is crucial to Geminis' interior design as air signs. They're pale yellow because they're born during the longest daylight. Gemini needs lots of light and windows.” Dark paint colours would make Geminis feel claustrophobic.


 cancer rules the home. Period. Period. Because Cancers focus on their home, entering one is relaxing. Cancers love their families, so their homes should reflect that. This home welcomes you the moment you enter.


Leo's royal nature demands the best materials, appliances, and colours.  gold, scarlet, and purple represent Leo. “The most expensive dyes. Because their subjects wouldn't have those colours, the king and queen wore them to meet their people.


Mother Earth represents Virgo, an earth sign. This sign's walls won't be bold because they're nurturing and steady. Virgos are organised with neutrals, creams, navy, greys, chocolate, and possibly teal accents. Virgos like to recreate nature in their homes and bring plants and greenery inside.


Blacks are autumn babies, but their style isn't as earthy as Virgo's. This sign prefers softer colours to the reds, yellows, browns, and oranges of autumn leaves Venus rules Black and pastels. Cream, pale pink, pale blue, mint green—the rococo dining room.


Scorpios are enigmatic. Scorpio wants darkness, Gemini light.Scorpio likes black. “They like sensual eggplant—dark but sleek. Too much stimulation in the house makes them hyper. They need quiet.” Scorpios love black, deep greys, dark purples, and burgundy paint.

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