Zodiac-based pet recommendations

Aries: Ferret

As an active Aries, you need a pet that can keep up. Like a ferret, you probably have trouble sitting still!


Taureans are so relaxed they're almost horizontal! They like affection, so a cuddly, low-maintenance hamster is a good choice.


Parrots are natural allies for chatty Geminis. Geminis can spend all day with African Gray birds.

Gemini - Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terriers may suit Geminis looking for a furry friend. These pets are dual-personalities like Geminis. They're brave, playful, and cuddly.

Cancer - Hedgehog

Cancers are nurturing but sometimes spiky. A neglected hedgehog may be the perfect Cancer companion.


Loudly Leos and chickens hate being forgotten! A pet chicken can outcluck even the most obnoxious Leo.


Balanced Libras love beauty and giving and receiving love. Rabbits make great pets.


Scorpios don't scare easily, but a pet snake isn't for everyone. Snakes' mysterious, even unsettling appeal may appeal to a fiery Scorpio.

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